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Debra’s Raw Body Goods

Debra’s Raw Body Goods

Debra Durnell is an NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist, creating hand-crafted natural aromatherapy products and offering personalized services.

From Debra:  I personally formulate and blend all my products. Every product is designed with the highest grade essential oils available. Most products are made in custom-blended small batches while some are made individually. All are made by hand, by me. I don’t carry large amounts of stock as my products are perishable. They are all made to order. The turn around time on custom orders is approximately 2 weeks. Most of the ingredients I use are organic. I strive to use all organic ingredients if they are available. However, not all ingredients can be certified as organic. The absolute best ingredients I can find are an integral part of my products. None of my products contain preservatives or chemicals. You can be certain that all of my products contain excellent and high quality ingredients. Each essential oil has been researched and delivered to you with much care and prayers for wellness.

Private Consultations are available by appointment only on Monday, Tuesday and Sunday afternoons. Shop hours are posted below.

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