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Health Analysis

The Diamaro Wellness Project

 Diamaro Wellness Project

Diamaro Wellness provides the latest screening technology for assessing damaged (lesion) cells throughout the body.

 Along with the accurate screening, we provide Membership access to a comprehensive database with easy to understand healthcare information including alerts & world-wide healthcare solutions.

 Providing affordable screening services allows our members to be able to continue screening throughout the year to measure progress and fallow a workable plan to attain optimum health.

 We provide the tools to empower our members to take charge of their own health. better healthcare information creates better health care decisions.

The tools to take charge of your health NOW!

 32 Categories

235 Health Issues

FAST- 3 Minutes


Latest Technology

Website Membership

Natural Preventative Mesures

Health Alerts

Evidence-Based Research

Healthcare Library

Global Solutions

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(817) 645-1993 and ask for Kathy

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